Digital business cards are a totally unique idea that breaks you away from the conventional lackluster paper-based business cards you were used to exchanging till now. Undoubtedly, the goal is same for both business card versions, be it digital or physical but there are many essential dissimilarities that gave way to the need of introducing digital cards. There are many voids left by paper-based cards that the digital counterparts fill in easily.

Digital Business Cards!

IDENCARD digital business card app comes with innovative and smart ways to help you express your business identity with your prospective clients, partners, and associates. But are you using it the right way? In this post, we’ve covered some points that you must avoid while using the digital business card app to create, manage, and share your digital business cards.

  1. Not adding an unprofessional photo

It’s mandatory for your business card to look professional. Adding a funky selfie you took on your last trip to Miami won’t do any good to it. It will, rather, degrade your impression as a professional. It’s recommended to use a photo which shows you exactly as you look while in the office. Bonus: wear a confident smile to convince your prospects about your professionalism.

  1. Not making it look impersonal

A static business card is unable to attract your clients’ eyes. A business card without a a personal touch is just a mechanical tool that anyone can overlook. On the other hand, making it personal will provide liveliness and vibrancy to it.

IDENCARD digital business card app lets you add notes to your digital business card. A personal note like “It was nice meeting you in the seminar. Looking forward to a business partnership with you” will help your business card gain value from your prospective clients. This will raise your clients’ interest in you and you will look more genuine.

  1. Not including your social profile links

Digital business cards have come up with innovative and productive features to help you grow your business network worldwide. One of these features is support to social network clickable links. In case you’re not leveraging the power of the popular social networks, you’re just wasting your efforts.

It’s a wise move to include social media links on your card. Make sure the clickable links you add are active and display your professional life.

  1. Not updating your information

Your information like email IDs, address, phone numbers, etc. can change anytime. It’s necessary for you to make your clients (those who already have your card) aware of it. While on printed visiting cards, this task was time-consuming, IDENCARD digital business card app lets you make modifications in real time. This means you won’t have to worry about notifying your connections whenever you update your info. It will automatically be updated on their list.

  1. Not adding your business logo

Your business logo is the first highlight of your business. It contains your brand’s crux in a visual image. If you ignoring your business logo while creating your digital business card, it won’t do any good. It’s recommended to add your business logo to increase the effectiveness your card 4x times.

  1. Feeling shy about sharing your digital card

Conventional business minds may not understand the innovative, modern concept of digital business cards but that doesn’t lessen the value of your card. You have a powerful networking tool in your hand and sharing it with other will only multiply its strength. Be the trendsetter and share your Idencard with others confidently. Once they know what it is and how it works, there’s no reason they won’t appreciate this networking tool.

The bottom line

By utilizing the powerful tool of digital business cards, you grow your business networks within days. These cards have everything you miss in a physical card – productivity, eager, uniqueness, and convenience.

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