Whatever your profession be, corporate communications must be an integral part. And those who have been to conferences and summits, they know what it feels like having piles of paper business cards in the end. While making new connections is important, there’s no use of collecting a stack of business cards most of which you’ll never touch when you get back.

Thankfully, the modern digital era of the business world has found a trendy way to overcome this nuisance.

Digital Business Cards

Digital business cards are a hassle-free, quick way to building connections. But are these versions enough for business networking? There are many apps that provide users with the ability to create their digital business cards. Suppose a digital business card app for netgear extender setup will support mywifiext service companies market their services better.

Let’s take a look at what is it that digital cards offer over their physical counterparts.

Paper-based Business Cards: Pros and Cons

Pros: Physical versions of business cards are a great way to connect with the people you meet at conferences. They are a physical and visual reminder of your meeting with the person. A single sight of a paper business card is enough to revive the thought of the person you met days, weeks, or even years back.

Pros: Paper-based cards are, usually, small in size and can easily fit into your wallet. Thus, you can carry them to summits and conferences and other in-person networking events to distribute them amongst your prospective clients. Whenever the client wants to follow up with you later, the jotted info of your business and brand will remind him/her about how to connect with you.

Cons: The biggest demerit of physical cards is that you cannot update them. They are printed in stocks and if your info has recently been changed, your existing stock will be outdated. In this case, you’ll have to go for the full-size rebranding and get a new stock ready immediately and redistribute your paper business cards to the existing recipients. This is a sheer wastage of time and money. Above all, the nuisance they produce is huge and intolerable.

Cons: You can distribute as many numbers as possible of your paper business cards. However, they are limited to the number you can carry with you at an event. In case you run out of the stock, you’re helpless. Until you get the next stack printed, your corporate communications and networking get affected.

Digital Business Cards are a great alternative

Pros #1: Smart digital business card app like IDENCARD offer you a hassle-free and modern way to share your corporate identity with others. The app is free to download, install, and use and you can get it easily from the app store of your Android or iPhone device.

With IDENCARD digital business card app, you can share your digital business card with anyone – even with someone without the app installed on his device. Besides, you can send your card via major chat and email clients like WhatsApp, Gmail, etc. This is a great way to reach out to your prospects worldwide and build spiraling business networks within days.

Pros #2: digital business cards accentuate your web presence to help you multiply your business connections with breezing speed. With IDENCARD digital business card app, you can easily grow your connections list by simply sharing your card with an unlimited number of smartphone users. The recipients need only to scan the GPS-enabled QR code of your Idencard. Bingo! Your card will be added to their connections list then and there.

Pros #3: Unlike paper cards, your digital business card has bigger space to add additional info like your description, notes, and reminders. With IDENCARD app, you can make notes for the cards on your connections list. Besides this, you can set up reminders to recall things like when and how you met the client with whom this reminder is attached. Check out airport limo service ilimoww.com.

Pros #4: Social media is trending day by day; posing a good opportunity for growing business networks the world over. Thankfully, you can add links to your social media profiles with the IDENCARD smart digital business card app.

Clickable links to your profiles like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. are a good way to market your brand via the most popular platforms on the web. By leveraging social media, you can elicit great responses you’re your prospective clients who love to get an insight on your professional status.

The Bottom Line

While these are only a handful of the major advantages of using digital business cards for network growth, you can leverage great benefits once you have practiced IDENCARD digital business card app for marketing. No doubt, paper-based cards still find room in professionals’ hands, they are somewhat restricted. This is certainly not the case with digital business cards that have come up to be a great alternative to their physical counterparts.

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