Digital business cards are gaining popularity not among businessmen but also among freelancers, retailers, and even celebrities. But what is that which makes these digital versions different from paper-based business cards? The answer to this calls for a long list of grounds where digital business cards have an edge over the conventional physical versions.

Business cards are meant to convey your business identity to your prospects. While the well-designed tangible cards have fulfilled this requirement, they have failed to prove themselves productive when it to networking. There are so many reasons behind it.

Paper-based business cards take time in getting designed and printed. And they come in stocks. So before one stock finishes, you have to get the other one ready. That demands your valuable time. Besides, their distribution is also restricted by distances and in-person meetings, which again is a sheer wastage of time as well as money because you need to travel to meet your prospects for sharing your cards with people living in farther locations. Such a thing has a restriction in it.

Digital business cards, on the other hand, don’t pose any such restrictions. A digital business card app for netgear wifi extender setup company helps it offers a smart and modern way to create, manage, and share their digital business card with your prospects worldwide. Let’s take a look at why digital business cards are the best option for business networking.

The benefits of using digital business cards

  1. IDENCARD app is free to download and use

While it costs money to get your paper cards designed and printed, you can download IDENCARD digital business card app for free. This means you can grow your network for increasing your ROI at free of cost.

  1. Creating and sharing an IDENCARD is easy

You only need to download the app on your Android or iOS device. Once done, simply open the app and follow the simple on-screen guide to quickly create a stunning digital business card to showcase your business identity.

Exchanging a digital business card is super-easy. You simply need to scan the QR code of the IDENCARD you have received and the person will be added to your connections list.

  1. They are convenient to carry

While carrying piles of paper business cards is difficult, IDENCARD digital business card app only requires your Android or iOS device, which you, usually, carry with you while you’re going out.

  1. They are easy to keep safe

it is more likely to misplace physical cards than the digital format which is safe in your smartphone whenever you go out to meetings, seminars, conventions, or so.

  1. There’s zero damage effect

Paper-based business cards can fall prey to environmental effects and get damaged with time but your digital business card is always as stunning as it is when you create it for the first time.

  1. Distance is not a matter

In order to exchange your physical cards, you need to be at the place where your prospect is. This limits your exchange with the prospects living at farther locations. On the other hand, digital business cards can be shared with more connections the world over.

  1. Updating your information is easy

Whenever there’s a change in your business info like a phone number or email ID, the existing stock of your paper business cards will be wasted. You’ll have to get a new stock printed. However, IDENCARD allows you to modify your info in real time, meaning whenever you update their info, your connections will be notified immediately and their list will be updated.

  1. They are eco-friendly

There’s no denying the fact that printing paper cards means cutting trees, which is an environmental degradation. On the contrary, no trees are harmed to create digital business cards. This “Go Green” movement makes e-cards environment-friendly.

The bottom line

Digital business cards save a lot of your time and money you could waste on the physical versions. By using IDENCARD digital business card app, you can create stunning digital business card worldwide and multiply your business networks in days.

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