As we spend most of our time with our smartphone nowadays, it’s mandatory to take every required step to keep it in good shape. Cleaning your smartphone requires knowledge and care. These are electronic devices and hence, more fragile than you think. Taking appropriate precautions will help you prevent any damage during the cleaning process.

But is it a rocket science to clean a smartphone? No, it’s not. Using this essential information and tips, you can bring your old smartphone back to its original look. These tips require some basic things that you can find even in your home. But you will have to be careful so that these things do no ruin or break your smartphone.

Let’s take a look at what you should and should not do while cleaning your smartphone by yourself.

Tips on Cleaning your Smartphone

What you should do

Before you start cleaning your smartphone, take care of the following points:

  • Turn off your smartphone and remove the battery while you’re not using it for many days. In case your phone has a non-removable battery, simply power off your smartphone.
  • Do not stand while cleaning your smartphone. Instead, sit down on a soft surface with your smartphone in your hand during the cleaning process. Make sure you don’t place your phone on a table while cleaning it.
  • Keep the cleaning materials near and handy.
  • If your smartphone has a protective cover or case, remove it before starting the cleaning process.

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Now, as you’re ready to start the process, do it this way:

  • Use a dry cotton cloth to clean your phone. Such a cloth is quite gentle in touch. So, if you must put pressure on your phone while cleaning it, the cotton cloth will handle the screen gently.
  • Whenever required, use a damp cloth. By damp, we don’t mean a soaking wet cloth. Simply, get your cloth sprayed with the cleaning liquid. You can use this damp piece of cloth to wipe dirt from your smartphone’s back and edges. When cleaning cameras, use the same damp cloth and immediately dry it using a dry cloth.
  • For tiny, complicated corners, use a soft brush of accurate size.
  • While cleaning the charging port, audio port, and speakers, you can either blow from your mouth or use a gentle blower.

When finished, wait for minutes and let your smartphone completely dry. After this, turn it on and check if all buttons, keys, and the screen are working properly.

What you shouldn’t do

Be mindful of these following during the cleaning process:

  • Never clean your phone while standing up. It might slip and get damaged.
  • Do not soak the cleaning cloth wet. Only use a dry or damp cloth.
  • Don’t spray the cleaning liquid directly on to your smartphone screen. It can completely damage the phone.
  • Never clean your phone’s ports and jacks with any cleaning liquid.
  • Don’t use a DIY liquid to clean your phone. Always buy a clinically-tested product, specially designed for this purpose.

Taking precautions while cleaning your smartphone can prevent any accidental damage. So, always be careful.

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