We’re always stuck to our phone, aren’t we? But at least sometimes, like when we are driving, we must give our phones, and most of all, our mind, some rest. Thankfully, both Google and Apple sensed the importance of a distraction-free driving and have brought an option of “Do not Disturb while driving” mode.

By introducing DND apps, both Apple and Google have proved their belief in the adage, “Safety above all else.” While in iOS 11, Apple includes this amazing, interactive option to keep drivers’ mind away from all kinds of smartphone distractions, Google permits third-party apps to pay their small yet important contributions to the safe driving environment. Let’s see how you can activate this feature on your smartphone; iOS or Android.

Enable “Do not Disturb while Driving” Mode on iOS

Enable “Do not Disturb while Driving” Mode on iOSWhen you first bought your iPhone with the latest iOS 11, your phone reminded you of this DND mode while it first sensed a driving motion. But if you ignored that notification, the mode got suppressed in the settings of your iPhone and you’ll have to manually enable it.

When you open the Settings app on your iPhone and head to the DND option, you’ll navigate down to where it allows you to change the mode’s activation option. There you’ll see three options: “Automatically”, “When Connected to Car Bluetooth”, and “Manually”.

Selecting “Automatically” will enable “Do not Disturb while Driving” when your iPhone motion sensors detect some acceleration. “When Connected to Car Bluetooth” option works when your iPhone pairs with your car’s Bluetooth.

If you select “Manually” that means you’ll have to activate the feature from the Control Center of your iPhone. But there’s a twist, too. The Control Center doesn’t contain an icon for the DND mode, by default. But you can fix this in the Settings app. Simply, tap Control Center > Customize Controls.

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Enable “Do not Disturb while Driving” Mode on Android

Enable “Do not Disturb while Driving” Mode on AndroidWhen it comes to Android, “Do not Disturb while Driving” feature isn’t found by default on Android phones. But you can make use of a third-party app like Android Auto app to enjoy this feature. The app is not as restrictive as Apple’s mode. Even with DND enabled, your phone lets calls through, streams music, reads your incoming texts on permission. What it does then? It mutes and hides other distracting things like Facebook notifications.

Unlike the built-in app of Apple, Android Auto doesn’t contain any option to sense your car’s motion. But it does have an option to automatically enable “Do Not Disturb while Driving” mode whenever your Android smartphone pairs with your car’s Bluetooth. In case your car does not support Bluetooth, simply keep the DND icon in the middle of your phone’s Home Screen to manually activate it whenever you get your car’s ride from now on.

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