No matter whether you just got the latest iPhone X or have been using an older iPhone for a while, you’d have felt the need to clear your device’s RAM. Android smartphones generally have a number of apps helping users wipe out the RAM. But what about iOS? Well, there’s an easy and quick way to clear RAM on iPhone X too. You just need to get familiar with that (if you’re already not!). In this how-to article, we’ll walk you through the steps to clear iPhone X RAM and boost its performance. Read on.

Clear RAM on iPhone X

Step 1: Activate AssistiveTouch on Your Apple iPhone X

Clear RAM on iPhone X - Activate AssistiveTouch on Your Apple iPhone X

Despite the fact that your iPhone X’s Side button is all magical, you can’t use it to flush the RAM in the same way you use the Home Button on other iPhone models. Instead, you’ll need to make use of virtual Home Button located in the AssistiveTouch menu.

In order to activate AssistiveTouch to clear RAM on iPhone X, open the Settings app and tap on the General > Accessibility option. Next, under the Interaction section, tap on AssistiveTouch to view its preferences. Once you toggle AssistiveTouch On, you’ll be presented with a gray and white circle that looks like a Home Button pop up your screen. All you need to do is merely tap on it to launch the AssistiveTouch menu.

Step 2: Make a Shortcut to the AssistiveTouch Menu (Optional)

Clear RAM on iPhone X - Make a Shortcut to the AssistiveTouch Menu

If you want to fix issues of iPhone X, you’ll need to clear its RAM from time to time. So, rather than digging into the Settings app each time, you can make a shortcut to AssistiveTouch menu.

Just return to the Accessibility menu from the AssistiveTouch main menu and scroll down to the bottom and tap on Accessibility Shortcut. Here, make sure that the box next to the AssistiveTouch option is checked.

Once you triple-press the Side button, the AssistiveTouch icon should open or close on your device’s screen. In case you have several options checked as an accessibility shortcut then triple-press the Side button will open a menu where you can tap on AssistiveTouch to open or close it.

After making sure that AssistiveTouch is now an accessibility shortcut, you can even enable the Accessibility Shortcuts toggle in the Control Center if you don’t want to use the Side button to open and close AssistiveTouch.

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Step 3: Shut Down Your iPhone X from the Settings

Clear RAM on iPhone X - Shut Down Your iPhone X from the Settings

The next step to boost iPhone X performance by clearing the RAM is to shut down your device from Settings. While on every other iPhone model, you can do this from any screen only if the iPhone is unlocked, for the iPhone X, you’ll need to stay in your Settings app.

If truth be told, you have to actually employ iOS 11’s new Shut Down button in the Settings app itself. You can’t make use of the shortcut with the button presses that will automatically lock the device and disable Face ID. Hence, you need to go to the General menu in Settings, then scroll down to the bottom, and tap on the Shut Down option.

In case you see the Emergency SOS option together with the Slide to Power Off option, you used the button press method which won’t work. So, you need to opt for Settings to Shut Down your device.

Step 4: Clear RAM on iPhone X with the Virtual Home Button

Clear RAM on iPhone X - Clear Your RAM with the Virtual Home Button

Now, tap on the AssistiveTouch shortcut and tap and hold on the Home button in the AssistiveTouch menu until the screen turns black, then flashes white, and returns to where you were earlier.

Doing so will clear the RAM of background processes in addition to system processes and apps. Also, all temporary files will be chucked out from the temporary storage. Though this will not remove any apps from your app switcher, most apps will be refreshed once you access them again.

Owing to the iPhone X’s fast speed, when you utilize the app switcher or 3D Touch shortcut to switch apps quickly, apps will need to be refreshed since they’re cleared from the RAM. In some cases, an app may refresh back to its first home page, but sometimes, it remains right where you’re last.

In this way, you can easily clear RAM on iPhone X to fix problem apps and boost performance.

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