Apple has got into the habit of being in the news for bad reasons. Security issues and software bugs have always hit the headlines for the tech giant. This time, a nasty bug is found in iOS 11 that’s crashing Mac computers and iPhone devices, making it out of the question for you to access apps and iMessages. Thankfully, there’s a workaround to fix iOS crash bug. Read on to learn how you can protect your iOS devices and Macs from this threat.

How the Bug Works

The bug sends an Indian language Telugu character to Apple devices. Once the message has been received on your device or computer, it crashes the iOS Springboard (the software to manage your home screen). Ultimately, the system automatically reboots, making the users frustrated.

Although your device will work after this, the majority of prime apps will be blocked. Every time, you try to get access to your apps, the Apple software will be able to load the single character.

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Here’s How to Fix iOS Crash Bug

The new Apple iPhone crashing issue seems to be unbeatable but is not. There’s an easy way to fix iOS crash bug.

Fix for Apple’s messaging apps: If somebody tries to use this bug to affect your device, the first thing to do is to ask a friend to send a text message to you or wait for a message to come to your inbox naturally. This will make the app to restore to its normal shape and delete the harmful thread that crashed your iOS.
Fix iOS Crash Bug-Apps DisabledFix for other apps: if some other app has been targeted, then you can fix it more easily. You won’t have to take help from a friend to disable these apps.

How to Prevent a New Bug from Targeting You

Not only resolving this bug is urgent, you should take precautions to keep a new bug at bay in advance. The new hack to do so affects only the devices running iOS 11.2.5. Besides, Apple aims to resolve this issue before the launch of iOS 11.3. Hence, they have planned to bring an update this spring. In fact, a public beta version of the update is already available if you can’t wait to protect yourself from this bug.

This is not the first instance of iOS being crashed due to a strange character. Apple has a long history of such cases before. In January, a bug was discovered in iOS that could disable messaging apps, and freeze and reboot your device if you received a specific website’s link. You didn’t even have to click the link. Going back to 2016, there appeared a 5-second video that was able to crash your devices.

Although Apple seems to fix crashing issues soon, it affects their users substantially. Let’s see how Apple’s new approach towards the updates to fix iOS crash bug calms down their customers.

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