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Cells are polygonal in transverse section, averaging 40-60 microns in diameter. In vertical section, individual cells appear to be irregular in shape, because cell partitions alternate in position with adjacent filaments to give a zigzag effect. The thallus varies in shape from nodular forms to thin encrusting species. Reproductive organs were probably external and uncalcified, although internal conceptacles have been described. Geologic range The Solenoporaceae are predominantly Paleozoic and Mesozoic algae, yet a few taxa range well into the Cenozoic (Fig.

And several generations of radiating branches (Fig. 6). The diameter of individual branches varies from less than a tenth of a millimeter to several millimeters. Reproductive organs of various shapes, sizes, and arrangements constitute a distinctive kind of internal structure in some skeletal calcareous algae. These may be embedded in skeletal tissue as in the coralline red algae (Fig. 4) or preserved in calcified molds as for example, the dasycladacean green algae (Fig. 6). 5 mm ' - - - - - - - axial stem Fig.

6). 5 mm ' - - - - - - - axial stem Fig. 6. Calcareous mold of dasycladacean green alga Cymopolia. Skeletal microstructure Skeletal elements in calcareous algae are composed of crystals of calcium carbonate. The morphology of individual crystals and crystal aggregates comprising the skeletal microstructure is not usually a factor in defining minor taxa, but it may be important in characterizing major groups of skeletal algae. The mineralogies of many skeletal algae are unstable and subject to diagenetic alteration, and so in these cases little or none of the original skeletal microstructure is preserved in the ancient record.

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