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By Charlotte Covill, Jeanne Perrett

ISBN-10: 0333937899

ISBN-13: 9780333937891

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As Farr comments, in another context, ‘the individualization of the social goes hand in hand with the desocialization of the individual’ (1990: 55). These considerations lead us to reject a conceptualization of values as ‘fixed’ entities characterizing individual persona. From a very different perspective, Moscovici emphasizes values as the stuff of everyday social exchanges; the ‘concepts, statements and explanations originating in daily life in the course of inter-individual communications’ (1981: 181) are permeated with values because ‘words .

Their analysis shows that, while expressivism has an impact on political attitudes and behaviour, this does not imply declining support for democratic institutions. In the final contribution to Part II, Chapter 12, Etienne Schweisguth examines the relationship between value orientations and socio-economic status. He argues that the link between social status and value orientations engages tensions: the highly educated tend to be libertarian in social matters but neo-liberal or conservative on economic matters; the working class tends to be authoritarian on social questions but to hold egalitarian socio-economic values.

The major THE IMPACT OF VALUES 15 developments are highlighted by looking at several indicators of economic growth during the last decades, the growth and shifts in government intervention, the spread of mass communications and transport, and some characteristics of electoral systems and political processes. In Chapter 4, Wolfgang Jagodzinski and Karel Dobbelaere document the decline of church religiosity, a major trend in advanced industrial society. This decline is manifest in a process of alienation from one of the most traditional aspects of pre-modern and modern societies.

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Brilliant Fun 1 Teacher's Book by Charlotte Covill, Jeanne Perrett

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