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By Bruce D. Patterson

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As explorers and scientists have recognized for many years, the Neotropics harbor an exquisite array of our planet’s mammalian variety, from capybaras and capuchins to maned wolves and mouse opossums to sloths and sakis. This organic bounty may be attributed partially to the extraordinary range of Neotropical landscapes and climates and partially to a chain of continental connections that authorised intermittent faunal exchanges with Africa, Antarctica, Australia, and North the United States. hence, to realize the improvement of contemporary Neotropical
mammal faunas calls for not just mastery of the Neotropics’ monstrous range, but additionally wisdom of mammalian lineages and landscapes relationship again to the Mesozoic.

Bones, Clones, and Biomes bargains simply that—an exploration of the advance and relationships of the fashionable mammal fauna via a chain of stories that surround the final a hundred million years and either principal and South the United States. This paintings serves as a supplement to extra taxonomically pushed works, offering for readers the lengthy geologic and biogeographic contexts that undergird the abundance and variety of Neotropical mammals. instead of documenting range or distribution, this assortment traverses the styles that the distributions and relationships throughout mammal species show, bringing jointly for the 1st time geology, paleobiology, systematics, mammalogy, and biogeography. Of serious value is the book’s software for present conservation and administration courses, a part of a speedily emerging conservation paleobiology initiative.

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