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By Dr. Aneta Pavlenko

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Do bi- and multilinguals understand themselves in a different way of their respective languages? Do they event varied feelings? How do they show feelings and have they got a favorite language for emotional expression? How are emotion phrases and ideas represented within the bi- and multilingual lexicons? This ground-breaking publication opens up a brand new box of analysis, bilingualism and feelings, and gives fascinating solutions to those and lots of similar questions.

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I suppose this makes me look more emotional and sentimental than I normally am. Am I misrepresenting myself? Surprisingly enough, I do feel somewhat emotional and sentimental when I’m speaking Russian. The very language I am using has changed me. ’ (2001b: 321). More specifically, what might bilinguals’ autobiographical writings have to say on the subject of bilingualism and emotion? Polish-born author Eva Hoffman, who emigrated at age 13 with her family from Europe to Canada, writes poignantly of the gap she recalls between her own and her mother’s emotional worlds as immigrants: ‘My mother says I’m becoming “English”.

Schrauf, R. and Rubin, D. (2000) Internal languages of retrieval: The bilingual encoding of memories for the personal past. Memory and Cognition 28(4), 616– 23. Schrauf, R. and Rubin, D. (2004) The ‘language’ and ‘feel’ of bilingual memory: Mnemonic traces. Estudios de Sociolingu¨´ıstica 5(1), 21 – 39. , Yung, V. and Jones, R. (1998) Voice, appropriation, and discourse representation in a student writing task. Linguistics and Education 9(3), 227– 50. Spoerl, D. (1943) Bilinguality and emotional adjustment.

In English I don’t make involuntary associations with my childhood. I think it is childhood that is often traumatic, not this or that war. (in Teicholz, 1993: 27) Translingual writers also acknowledge that the use of the ‘stepmother tongue’ comes with a price: the ever-present nostalgia for the primeval emotionality of the selves linked to the mother tongue, the language that retains the incomparable ability to wound, to heal, and to caress: Spanish certainly was the language of storytelling, the language of the body and of the senses and of the emotional wiring of the child, so that still, when someone addresses me as ‘Hoolia’ (Spanish pronunciation of Julia), I feel my emotional self come to the fore.

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