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By Peter Eaton, Paul West

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Atomic strength microscopy is an awesome method that allies a flexible method (that permits dimension of samples in liquid, vacuum or air) to imaging with unheard of answer. however it is going one step additional than traditional microscopic concepts; it permits us to make measurements of magnetic, electric or mechanical houses of the widest attainable variety of samples, with nanometre solution. This e-book will demystify AFM for the reader, making it effortless to appreciate, and to take advantage of. it really is written by means of authors who jointly have greater than 30 years event within the layout, development and use of AFMs and should clarify why the microscopes are made the best way they're, how they need to be used, what information they could produce, and what should be performed with the information. Illustrative examples from the actual sciences, fabrics technological know-how, lifestyles sciences, nanotechnology and illustrate different functions of the procedure.

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Because the sharpness and reproducibility of manufactured probes is one of the limiting factors on the quality of AFM results, new types of probes are under constant development. Examples of this include composite probes such as mixed silicon/silicon nitride probes, and probes terminating in carbon nanotubes. However, it remains a major challenge to produce probes with a reproducible tip radius below 10 nm at a reasonable cost. • Si3N4 probes are sharpened by adding an extra process step that changes the shape of the pit that the Si3N4 film is deposited on.

To overcome this some ‘overscan’ is typically included in the scanning, such that only the linear response part of the data is recorded. For example, to scan a 10 ìm area, the instrument might really move 12 ìm in the slow scan direction, and discard 1 ìm of the data from either end. In this way, the recorded data does not suffer from edge artefacts. The maximum scan range of the AFM scanner is established by the mechanical–electrical gain of the piezoceramics and the maximum voltage they can tolerate before depolarizing.

1 Probe materials In principle, AFM cantilevers can be fabricated from any material that can be fabricated into a spring-like cantilever. The first AFM cantilevers were fabricated from tungsten wire and Fig. 28. Comparison of image profiles obtained with a dull (left) or a sharp (right) probe on a concave feature (a pit, top) or a convex feature (a step feature, bottom). 38 instrumental aspects of afm Fig. 29. Examples of contact and non-contact probes. Left: a typical v-shaped contact-mode cantilever.

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