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This publication discusses many advances in optical physic, and is geared toward complicated undergraduates taking classes in atomic physics, or graduate scholars within the fields of lasers, astrophysics, and actual chemistry. The publication is meant frequently for experimentalists, and the interplay of electromagnetic radiation with unfastened atoms is brought utilizing classical or semi-classical calculations anywhere attainable. themes mentioned contain the spontaneous emission of radiation, inspired transitions and the houses of fuel and turnable dye lasers, and the physics and purposes of resonance fluorescence, optical double resonance, optical pumping, and atomic beam magnetic resonance experiments.

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Sommerfeld, A. Phys. 51, 1. nd further reading ter Haar, D. (1967). Press, Oxford. The old quantum theory, Pergamon Contains translations and commentaries on several of the important articles listed above. C. (1960). Quantum theory of atomic structure, Vol. 1. McGraw-Hill, New York. 47 are particularly useful. T. (1954). A history of theories of aether and electricity, (The modern theories, 1900-2926). Philosophical Library, New York. 2 Review of classical electrodynamics This chapter gives a concise account of those sections of classical electromagnetism which we shall require later.

61). region the electric field is given by In this Except for the time-dependent factor, this expression is identical to the field produced by a static electric dipole. This term is responsible for the interatomic forces between neutral atoms (van der Waals forces) as we discuss in Chapter 8. These forces are only appreciable when the atoms come close together, as in a collision, due to the 1/r3 dependence of the static field. The magnetic field in this region is smaller by a factor of kr and is therefore negligible.

The magnetic field in this region is smaller by a factor of kr and is therefore negligible. (b) The intermediate zone, d ^ r ** A. In this zone the fields are rather complicated since there is still an appreciable radial component of E_. 4 for several successive instants of time. We see that in this region closed loops are formed in the streamlines of the electric field and that there is no well-defined wavelength which characterizes the field distribution. (c) The wave zone, d < A < r. In this zone the situation REVIEW OF CLASSICAL ELECTRODYNAMICS 37 again becomes simplified since only those field components which decrease as 1/r need be considered.

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