Read e-book online Archie Comics 115 (December 1960) PDF

By Richard H. Goldwater, Frank Doyle, Joe Edwards, Sy Reit

Archie - #115 - December 1960

Stories ;

"The Visitor"

Mister inn desires to put off an unpleasant vase, the answer inform Archie to not holiday it.

"First Aid"

Li'l Jinx hurts herself and seeks aid from her Dad.

"Step by means of Step"

Learning French made easy.

"Matter over Mind"

Dating principles whereas out with Betty.

"Patch as Patch Can"

The annual "Patch" Hop will get a bit out of hand.

"Unsound of Music"

A stopover at by way of the varsity Superintendent doesn't move as planned.

"The Gangs all here"

Uninvited visitor within the Andres house-hold reason "mind-rotting" difficulties.

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Archie Comics 115 (December 1960) by Richard H. Goldwater, Frank Doyle, Joe Edwards, Sy Reit

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