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In apoptosis within the mammalian method, cells have a finite existence - they increase, are used after which die. melanoma cells get away this programmed regimen yet, from an figuring out of apoptosis, they are often programmed to die. This booklet addresses the

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Almost all apoptotic factors, such as the Fas/ APO-1 ligand, TNF and glucocorticoid, act specifically through either cell surface or nuclear receptors [68–71]. These factors function to produce intracellular signals as second messengers and facilitate transcription of apoptotic genes whose products are involved in the initiation process. Fas/APO-1 was identified as an apoptotic receptor homologous to TNF/nerve growth factor (NGF) superfamily receptors. Antibodies against Fas/APO-1 or its ligand induce apoptosis in immature T lymphocytes and cells expressing Fas/APO-1.

Finally, the apoptotic bodies are recognized and rapidly engulfed by phagocytic cells, macrophages and adjacent cells, and removed. As a result, there is no accompanying inflammatory response with this process, unlike the situation in necrosis. 3). This DNA fragmentation, induced preferentially in the linker regions between nucleosomes, is generally believed to be catalyzed by an apoptotic-specific Ca2+/Mg2+ dependent endonuclease. The morphological changes in the apoptotic nucleus are often associated with internucleosomal DNA fragmentation.

269, 14857–14860. BIRREN, B. & LAI, E. (1993) Pulsed field gel electrophoresis: a practical guide. Academic Press, New York. , SIKORSKA, M. R. (1990) Periodicity of DNA folding in higher order chromatin structures. EMBO J. 9, 1319–1327. BOULIKAS, T. (1993) Nature of DNA sequences at the attachment regions of genes to the nuclear matrix. J. Cell Biochem. 52, 14–22. , ROBERTSON, D. R. (1994) Cisplatin induces apoptosis in a human ovarian carcinoma cell line without concomitant internucleosomal degradation of DNA.

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