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By Sir Edward Burnett Tylor

Anthropology: an advent to the examine of guy and civilization. 512 Pages

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I] less actively since the early ages comes of man. 15 Proof of this History, so far as to us in several different ways. it and political institutions beginning in ruder states, and becoming in the course of ages more intelligent, more systematic, more perfectly Not to arranged or organized, to answer their purposes. reaches back, shows give many arts, sciences, instances of a fact so familiar, the history of parliamentary government begins with the old-world councils of the chiefs and tumultuous assemblies of the whole people.

Thus no one can look at a cross-bow and a common long-bow without being convinced that the long-bow was to judge from the the earlier, and that the cross-bow was fitting to let to tell a common bow on go us as of the a stock, the string after taking aim. who did this and when, we known hisiorical facts that made afterwards by and arranging a feel Though trigger history fails almost as sure of the cross-l)ow led up it to MAN, ANCIENT AND MODERN. kct, that again to the percussion musket, breech-loading 17 and and that again to the rifle.

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