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For greater than a century, the examine of assorted kinds of inequalities has been the focal point of significant awareness via many researchers, either within the thought and its purposes. particularly, there exists a truly wealthy literature regarding the well-known Cebysev, Gruss, Trapezoid, Ostrowski, Hadamard and Jensen style inequalities. the current monograph is an try to manage contemporary growth on the topic of the above inequalities, which we are hoping will widen the scope in their functions. the sphere to be coated is very extensive and it truly is very unlikely to regard all of those right here. the cloth incorporated within the monograph is contemporary and difficult to discover in different books. it's available to any reader with a cheap history in genuine research and an acquaintance with its comparable components. All effects are offered in an user-friendly method and the ebook may also function a textbook for a complicated graduate path. The booklet merits a hot welcome to people who desire to study the topic and it'll even be most precious as a resource of reference within the box. it will likely be beneficial analyzing for mathematicians and engineers and in addition for graduate scholars, scientists and students wishing to maintain abreast of this crucial region of analysis.

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B a h(t)dt = (b − a)h(x) − b a E1 (x,t)h(1) (t)dt. 3. 22) holds for n and let us prove it for n + 1. That is, we have to prove the equality (b − x)k+1 + (−1)k (x − a)k+1 (k) h (x) (k + 1)! n b h(t)dt = a ∑ k=0 b +(−1)n+1 a En+1 (x,t)h(n+1) (t)dt. 25) It is easy to observe that b En+1 (x,t)h(n+1) (t)dt = a x a (t − a)n+1 (n+1) h (t)dt + (n + 1)! x = 1 (t − a)n+1 (n) h (t) − (n + 1)! n! a x a b + = (t − b)n+1 (n) 1 h (t) − (n + 1)! n! x b x b x (t − b)n+1 (n+1) h (t)dt (n + 1)! (t − a)n h(n) (t)dt (t − b)n h(n) (t)dt (x − a)n+1 + (−1)n+2 (b − x)n+1 (n) h (x) − (n + 1)!

4. 11). 4. 55) b−a a b−a a for x ∈ [a, b]. 55) by g(x) and f (x) respectively A[g(x)] − and adding the resulting identities, we have 1 g(x) g(x)A[ f (x)] + f (x)A[g(x)] − b−a b b f (t)dt + f (x) a g(t)dt a b b (−1)n+1 g(x) En (x,t) f (n) (t)dt + f (x) En (x,t)g(n) (t)dt . 55), we get b b 1 A[g(x)] A[ f (x)]A[g(x)] − f (t)dt + A[ f (x)] g(t)dt b−a a a = + 1 (b − a)2 b b f (t)dt g(t)dt a a b b (−1)2n+2 En (x,t) f (n) (t)dt En (x,t)g(n) (t)dt . 49). 59) b−a a n(b − a) a for x ∈ [a, b]. 3, we leave the details to the reader.

I=k+1 By direct computation it is easy to observe that the following discrete identity Proof. 29) n. 27). 5. If we take wi = 1 for i = 1, . . 27) reduces to the discrete Montgomery identity, n−1 1 n xk = ∑ xi + ∑ Dn (k, i)Δxi , n i=1 i=1 where ⎧ ⎪ ⎨ i, 1 i k − 1, Dn (k, i) = i n ⎪ ⎩ − 1, k i n. n Finally, we present the Gr¨uss-type discrete inequalities given in [133]. 5. 31) Let {uk }, {vk } for k = 1, . . 31). 5): Proof. 37) for k = 1, . . , n. 37) by vk and uk respectively, adding the resulting identities and rewriting, we get uk vk − n n n−1 n−1 1 1 vk ∑ ui + uk ∑ vi = vk ∑ Dn (k, i)Δui + uk ∑ Dn (k, i)Δvi .

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