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Natives live on their cattle. To lose them means starvation. " "One would think so, but so far that has not been the case. The trouble is, the very name, Black Elephant, has done something to strike terror. " "What else can a man do but get out of the way, particularly if he has a wife and family? At first, not realizing the desperate nature of the danger, most of them faced it, and lost their lives. They realise now that there is nothing they can do. All ranches, coffee estates and the like, depend entirely on native labour.

He had heard it before, more than once, for the mournful howl of the spotted hyena, once heard is never forgotten. It is one of the commonest night sounds in most parts of Africa; but that does not prevent it from being the most bloodcurdling noise in all nature. It begins with a long drawn out moan, which rises until it ends in a wild shriek. This has been described as laughing. Ginger found it nothing to laugh at. The beast was evidently hanging about the camp looking for food, in the choice of which the hyena is not in the least particular.

Suggested Algy, as they reached the Mosquito. "I'd rather make sure we know exactly where he is before we do that," answered Biggles. "A few miles mean little in the air, but they make a lot of difference when you’re on the floor. We should look silly if we brought a ground force all this way and then had to admit that the Elephant had pulled his disappearing trick. Never mind about the Auster, Ginger. It's too slow. We shan't need it, anyway. You and Algy can come with me in the Mosquito. " enquired Bertie.

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100-Area Monthly Reports [for 1947] [declassified]

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