Uber ride-hailing company is all set to go live with a full-blown meal-delivery service dubbed UberEats in 10 US cities, including Los Angeles and New York.
The new service will be part of the company’s current app, which will help customers get meals on time.
Using the service, customers can place meal orders at local restaurants and Uber drivers will deliver the food at their doorstep.
The app will support only those devices that run on Android and Apple iOS, according to the company.
Recently, the company expanded its reach with on-demand chopper ride facility. With this new addition, Uber will perhaps test the ability of its drivers at moving goods on time.
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The company was reportedly testing the feature in its main app for the last 18 months and made it live last month in Toronto as a standalone app.
Currently, the service is available for only those customers who request an Uber ride along with meal, though customers can also place order for just lunch.
In the coming few weeks, customers in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Dallas, Seattle, Austin, Washington DC, San Francisco and Houston will also be able to use the meal-delivery service, according to Uber.
According to the company, from March onwards, customers will be able to order breakfast, lunch, and dinner from dozens of local restaurants partnered by Uber. However, the hours of delivery and number of restaurants may differ from city to city.
On top of that, Uber said that when a customer places an order; the company will send it to the particular restaurant to ask how long it will take to prepare the meal. Once the estimated time is confirmed, Uber will locate a nearby driver to the restaurant and let him decide on delivering the food.
Moreover, if many customers place orders from the same restaurant, Uber will bunch all deliveries together and allow one driver to deliver the parcels and get multiple fees.
The company will charge about $5 for each delivery, though it may vary from city to city. Uber will share a part of delivery fee with the drivers and will collect fee from the restaurants for the orders.
Uber, serving nearly 375 cities with its ride-hailing services, has shared no word on how soon its food-delivery service could expand to more cities.