CES 2016 is hosting the biggest ever showcasing of consumer robotics. One of the droids scheduled for showcasing during the event is Buddy, a social robot designed to provide assistance in various household tasks.
Designed by Blue Frog Robotics, a French firm, Buddy is capable of recognising family members and helps you to make a video call. Moreover, it can detect fire and flood along with notifying you about notorious intruders.
Blue Frog Robotics CEO Rodolphe Hasselvander during a statement told that the droid will prove itself to be a valuable domestic assistant and will be heartily greeted by consumers looking for some household help.
Besides Buddy, another consumer robot up for preview during the CES 2016 event is the ball-shaped droid dubbed Leka.
More than 23 mn people in the world are suffering from Autism, a neurodevelopmental disorder. The disorder lingers from early childhood and impairs behavior of the sufferer. In order to make the life of autistic children a bit better, CES will be displaying Leka – a motion-sensitive ball-shaped robo designed to aid children suffering from Autism.
At present, the robo is a motion-sensitive ball with lighting but its developer company is hoping to soon add sounds as well as a visual display to it.
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