Mac OS X updates and apps are always awesome to get your hands on, but the only infuriating thing about them is their giant-sized installers. The size of some installers even scales up to several gigabytes.
You can be exposed to a very difficult time if you are having multiple Macs and you want all of them to get the update. You just can’t download Mac updates once and install it on multiple computers. Wait…or can you?
Yes, you can; provided you know the trick! Want to know it? Continue reading then.
The problem with major updates for Mac is that once the installation is complete and you are prompted to restart, you won’t be able to find any installer file. Why? Because the ‘smart’ Mac system, in order to save you some extra blocks of space, automatically deletes the installer file.
But, we have a way around to save that precious and of course, massive installer. All you need to do is:

  1. After the installation is complete, don’t restart your system
  2. Instead, go to the ~/Application folder
  3. Find and locate the installer file
  4. Option+Drag it to some other location e.g. ~/Downloads, this will create a copy of the installer file at the selected location
  5. Now restart the system

After the restart, the new update changes take effect on your system and the system will, traditionally, delete the installer file present in the ~/Applications folder. However, you will be more than glad to find a copy of the update at the location you had chosen before the restart.
As far as minor updates are concerned, there is no need for such laborious procedure because Apple provides these updates as .dmg files, which is a one-time download and use-unlimited kind of file.
Installer saved, now save the Mac Apps you crave for
Saving your network bandwidth by making a copy of Mac apps can be a little tricky. All because any app downloaded from the App Store is stored in /Applications or /Users/username/Applications folder, which can easily be copied to other Macs but, it won’t work. Why?
Because, internally the App Store downloads the installer as a .pkg (a package) file and stores it in a hidden folder.
No worries, though. We have a solution for this too. You will need to access the terminal on your Mac, and:

  1. Run the command defaults write ShowDebugMenu –bool true
  2. Now open the App Store app
  3. A new Debug menu will be visible now, click on the Show Download Folder
  4. This will give you the access where you can find the .pkg files you are looking for, inside one of the sub-folders
  5. Copy the files to other Macs using AirDrop

All secrets leaked, now be sure you copy those massive updates before the restart.
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